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Komatsu  PC200-8MO Bucket cylinder

Komatsu PC200-8MO Bucket cylinder

    Payment Type: T/T,Paypal,Money Gram,Western Union
    Terms of Trade: FOB,CFR,CIF,EXW,FCA
    Min. Order: 1 Piece/Pieces
    Delivery Time: 3 Days
    Packaging: Wooden box, cartons,bags
    Productivity: 1000
    Brand: komatsu
    Transportation: Ocean,Land,Air
    Place of Origin: Japan
    Supply Ability: 1000
    Certificate: ISO90000
    HS Code: 8431499000

Basic Info

Model No.:  PC200-8

Product Description

Komatsu PC200-8MO Bucket cylinder

Our company is dealing in Komatsu genuine Japanese and Shantui spare parts with competive price. There are plenty kinds of Komatsu and Shantui spare parts, which is of good quality . So we have kept good business relationship with the importer from many countries.


29 01011-622230 BOLT
41 01643-31645 WASHER
43 07000-15220 O-RING
32 07000-F3038 JUNTA ANULAR
102 07002-14234 O'RING
49 07012-50110 OIL OIL SEAL P60 Q
40 103-15-12811 SEAL RING
27 425-01-11250 PLATE
38 421-22-41570 BUSHING
42 423-22-21820 BEARING
28 425-01-11370 CUSHION
30 566-01-72210 SHAFT
23 566-01-82150 BODY P60
22 566-01-82190 RUBBER
25 56B-20-31120 SPIDER ASSY
35 56B-22-11430 GEAR
37 56B-22-11460 WASHER
33 56B-22-11600 CASE ASS'Y
39 56B-22-11770 WASHER
44 56B-27-11614 COUPLING
45 56B-27-11870 DEFLECTOR
24 6261-31-4180 SPACER
118 01010-61865 BOLT
147 01010-62250 BOLT
88 01643-22460 WASHER
115 01643-31845 WASHER
117 01643-32060 WASHER
120 01643-32060 WASHER
136 01643-51232 WASHER
95 01803-02430 NUT
123 02090-11270 BOLT,END BIT/BLADE
124 02290-11219 NUT,END BIT BLADE
66 03-02-01-00869 KP70C PIN
31 04064-06525 ANILLO DE RESORTE
58 04120-21760 V-BELT
59 04121-22264 V-BELT SET
67 06-21-01-00320 K70SYL TOOTH
13 07000-E2018 ORING
60 07001-05230 BACK-UP RING
15 07005-01012 SEAL P60
104 07058-00010 ELEMENT
106 07299-00080 CLAMP
96 09203-12485 BOLT
150 113-78-21170 PIN ASSY
108 1240101H1 PLUG
105 1307682H1 PIPE
135 144-817-1260 SHAFT
132 14X-12-11103 DAMPER ASSY
137 14X-12-11411 SHAFT
113 14X-30-00087 TRACK ROLLER
114 14X-30-00096 TRACK ROLLER
119 14X-30-00096 TRACK ROLLER
116 14X-30-00143 CARRIERROLLE
125 14X-30-51390 BRACKET
126 14X-30-51410 BRACKET
128 14X-30-51440 GUARDA DE CARRIL
139 14X-32-00315 TRACK LNK
133 14X-71-12230 BUSHING
134 14X-71-12240 BEARING
127 14X-71-13111 BRACE
131 14X9525180 CUTTING EDGE
122 14X-952-5180 BLADE FOR D65-16
121 14X-952-5210 SIGMA BLADE
129 14X-952-5210 CUTTING EDGE
130 14X-952-5550 END BIT, L.H.
140 14X-952-5560 END BIT, L.H.
94 17M-27-41630 TOOTH
97 17m-30-00310 IDLER ASSEMBLY
101 17M-30-00321 TRACK ROLLER ASS´Y
100 17M-30-00341 CARRIER ROLLER ASS´Y
93 17M-32-05000 SERVICE KIT,
89 17M-71-21530 NUT,BOLT,BLADE
98 17M-71-21550 CUTTING EDGE
91 17M-71-21930 END BIT
90 17M--71-21940 END BIT
87 17M-71-A1550 CUTTING EDGE
63 17M-911-3530 ELEMENTO
99 195-71-11654 CUTTING EDGE
85 195-71-52280 BOLT
86 195-71-A1654 CUTTING EDGE D275
65 208-25-61101 SWING CIRCLE
61 208-27-00211 FLOATING SEA
56 208-27-71220 BEARING
54 208-27-71230 BEARING
62 208-27-71660 O-RING
64 208-979-7620 AIR FILTER
83 209-06-41113 WIRING HARNE
82 209-25-00102 CORONA
84 209-32-02000 RODAJE
57 20Y-27-21250 THRUST WASHE
73 20Y-979-6261 FILTER
55 21M-27-11260 THRUST WASHE
149 234-785-1121 Ripper TOOTH
146 23B-06-2590 SWITCH
34 23C-22-51741 PINION
26 421-06-35111 SWITCH
48 423-22-21240 WASHER
75 425-562-3321 COMPRESSOR ASS
74 426-07-32441 A/C FILTER
142 426-847-1110 TOOTH
143 426-847-1130 PIN ASSY
21 561-34-61110 PAD
36 561-88-68940 PIN
78 56B-07-22300 RECEIVER
77 56B-07-22923 HOSE
76 56B-07-23131 HOSE
19 56B-50-12341 BUSHING RUBB
9 56B-57-11113 SEAT ASSEMBLY
79 56D-07-21100 CONDENSER ASSY
103 600-311-3722 SENSOR
46 600-813-9322 STARTING MOTOR
68 600-825-6151 ALTERNADOR
11 6219-71-1150 GASKET
10 6219-71-1160 ORING
47 6221-6810 GASKET
17 6261-11-3100 XINJECTOR ASSY
20 6261-21-1611 TUBE
16 6261-61-7110 COOLER ASY
12 6261-71-6150 GASKET
14 6261-81-9280 WIRE HARANESS P60
107 6738-11-4370 ORING
110 6738-11-4380 CLAMP
109 6738-11-4390 NUT
112 6745-81-8080 TURBOCHARGER
111 6933-11-4410 HOSE
18 6934-72-7190 JOINT
53 702-75-11830 RING,BACK-UP
50 706-8J-41010 BEARING
51 706-8J-41660 SPACER KIT
52 706-8J-42330 OIL SEAL
80 AN51700-A0191 EVAPORATOR
81 AN56500-40180 MOTOR
1 ND090222-0070 WASHER
4 ND090310-0490 VALVE
7 ND090310-0500 VALVE ASSY
3 ND094040-0380 ELEMENT ASS'
8 ND094086-0100 O-RING
5 ND095420-0440 LIMITER
6 ND095444-0020 RING
2 ND949010-2530 GASKET
NO. Part No. Description
144 R426-Z89-5121 BOOM ASSY

We have products as follows:
engine, engine related parts, cooling system, fuel tank and related parts, electrical system, hydraulic system, main/revolving frame and related parts, operator's compartment and control system, guard, swing circle and related parts, travel and lower piping, under carriage, work equipment, marks and plates, accessory, miscellaneous, service and component parts.
1. Komatsu Excavator Parts-excavator spare parts:PC50MR-2\PC55MR-2\PC60-7\PC130-7\PC200-7\PC210-7\PC220-7\PC200-8\PC220-8\PC240-8\PC300-7\PC360-7\PC400-7\PC450-7\PC450-8
2. Komatsu Excavator Parts Parts- Bulldozer spare parts:D31/D41/D50/D51/D60/D85/D155/D355/D275/D375
3. Shantui bulldozer spare parts: SD08/SD11/SD13/SD16/SD22/SD23/SD32/SD42

Various brands:
Komatsu Excavator parts for series excavator:
1.Whole Engine,Main valve, Main Pump,Undercarriage parts, final drive ass`y, Swing Machinery Ass`y,
2. Cylinder (boom, arm, bucket), boom, arm, bucket
3. Tooth, bush, pin, cab ass`y, shaft, solenoid valve, Monitor, controller, hose, tube, etc.
4. Engine Parts and related Parts

More Competitive SHANTUI parts:
1. Undercarriage Parts, track shoe ass`y, track link ass`y, front idler, track roller, carrier roller, sprocket;
2. Torque Converter Assembly and Transmission Assembly
3. End bit and cutting edge
4. Pump, valve and cylinder series
5. Engine parts (Camshaft, Crankshaft, Connecting Rod,Cylinder Liner, Piston, Piston Ring and Piston Pin.)
Brand: Shantui, Hitachi, Volvo, Hyundai,kobelco,HBXG, XCMG, XGMA, DOOSAN,Daewoo,...
Different machine: Excavator, Bulldozer, Loader, Grader,forklift
Pls inform us machine Model, and part number accordingly

Japan Brand excavators parts


1 Undercarriage parts: track roller,carrier roller,sprocket,idler wheel,track link assy,
2 Recoil Spring & tension cylinder, U yoke, excavator track adjuster
3 Bucket link(H-Link), Link rod(I-Link), Track guard
4 GET :bucket, Cutting edge, End bit, Bucket teeth, Bucket adapter, Side cutter
5 Pin and bushing: track pin & bushing, Bucket bushing & pin, Bucket ear,Shaft sleeve,bolts&nuts

6 Hydraulic part: Boom cylinder, Arm cylinder, Bucket cylinder

20HT-3 PC20-1/2/3/6 PC30-1/2/3/6 PC40-1/2/3/5 PC60-1 PC60-2 PC60-3 PC60-5 PC60-6 PC60-7 PC70-7 PC90-5 PC100-1 PC100-2 PC100-3 PC100-5 PC100-6 PC120-1 PC120-2 PC120-3 PC120-5 PC120-6 PC150-3 PC150-5 PC200-1 PC200-2 PC200-3 PC200-5 PC200-6 PC200-7 PC220-1 PC220-2 PC220-3-O PC220-3-N PC220-5 PC220-6 PC220-7 PC300-1 PC300-3 PC300-5 PC300-6 PC400-1 PC400-3 PC400-5 PC400-6 PC450-6 D31 D31A-17 D31E-18 D50P D60P D65E D65P D20P D75 D85A D95 D155 D80A D85A WA180-1 WA300 WA320 WA320-1 WA320-3 WA350-1 WA360-3 WA380-3 WA400 WA420 WA450 WA470 WA500

UH07-7O/N EX55 EX60-1/2/3/5/6 EX75 EX90-1 EX100-1 EX100-2 EX100-3 EX100-5 EX120-1 EX120-2 EX120-3 EX120-5 EX120-6 EX160-1 EX200-1 EX200-2 EX200-3 EX200-5 EX200-6 EX210-5 EX220-1 EX220-3 EX220-5 EX220-6 EX270 EX300-1 EX300-3 EX300-5 EX300-6 EX400-1/2/3/5/6 EX450-1/2/3/5/6ZAXIS55 ZAXIS70 ZAXIS100-1 ZAXIS100-2 ZAXIS200-1/6 ZAXIS210 ZAXIS230 ZAXIS230-5 ZAXIS240 ZAXIS330 ZAXIS360 ZAXIS450

SK07-N2 SK60-1 SK60-2 SK60-3 SK60-5 SK60-6 SK100-1 SK100-2 SK100-3 SK100-5 SK100-6 SK120-1 SK120-2 SK120-3 SK120-5 SK120-6 SK135-7 SK200-1 SK200-2 SK200-3 SK200-5 SK200-6 SK200-6E SK200-7 SK210-7 SK230-6 SK220-3 SK220-6 SK300-3 SK300-6 SK310-3 SK320-3 SK350 SK09 SK450 SK916 SK16

SH60 SH75 SH100 SH120-1/2/3/5 SH200-1/A3 SH220 SH300-2 LS2650FJ-2 LS2800CJ/DJ/EJ/FJ-2 LS2800FJ2 LS2800F2 LS3400EA LS3400FJ LS5800FJ

HD250SE-2 HD250-5/7 KD400SE-2 HD400SEN2 HD400-5/7 HD450-5/7 HD510 HD512 HD550-5/7 HD700-2/5 HD700-7 HD770-1 HD770-2 HD800-5 HD800-7 HD820-1/2/3 HD900-5/7 HD1023 HD1220SE-2 HD1250-5/7 HD1430 HD1880-7 HD900-7 HD880

EC210B EC240B EC290B EC360B EC460B

DH S55 DH55-5 DH220-2 DH220-3 DH220-5 DH225-7 DH280-3 DH320 DH320-2/3 DH450 DH130-7 DH280

R60-7 R130-5 R130-7 R200 R200-5 R210-3 R210-5 R210-7 R215-7 R220-5 R220-7 R225-7 R260-5 R290-3 R290-7 R300-5 R300-7 R320 R420 R450-3 R450-5

PC56-7 S4D87E-1 KT1G49-1701-0
PC70-8 SAA4D95LE-5 6271-81-8500
PC120-6 SA4D102E 6732-81-8100
PC130-7 SAA4D95LE-3 6208-81-8100
PC150-3 6207-81-8110
PC150-5 6207-81-8240
PC160-7 SAA4D102E-2 6737-81-8091
PC130-8 SAA4D95LE-5-A 6209-81-8190
PC200-3 6137-82-8200
PC200-5 6207-81-8210
PC200-6 SA6D95 6207-81-8331/8330
PC200-6 SA6D102E 6735-81-8031
PC200-7 SAA6D102E 6738-81-8091
PC220-7 SAA6D102E-2 6738-81-8190
PC200-8 SAA6D107E-1 6754-81-8090
PC220-8 SAA6D107E-1 6754-81-8190
HB205-1 SAA4D107E-1 6751-81-8080
HB215LC-1 SAA4D107E-1 6751-81-8080
PC200(LC)-8MO SAA6D107E-1 6754-81-8090
PC210(LC)-8MO SAA6D107E-1 6754-81-8090
PC220-8MO SAA6D107E-1 6754-81-8120
PC240LC-8MO SAA6D107E-1 6754-81-8120
PC300-3 6151-81-8110
PC300-3 6152-82-8110
PC300-5 6222-81-8400
PC300-6 SA6D108E 6222-83-8171
PC300-7/360-7 SAA6D114E 6743-81-8040
PC360-8 SAA6D114E-3 6745-81-8040
PC400-6 SAA6D125E 6152-82-8210
PC400 6152-81-8500
PC400 6711-81-9201
PC400-5 6152-81-8310
PC400/450-7 SAA6D125E-2 6156-81-8170
PC400/450-8 SAA6D125E-3 6506-21-5020
PC650-3 SAA6D125E-3-A 6152-81-8200
PC650-8 SAA6D140E-5 6505-68-5020
PC1250-8 SAA6D170E-5 6240-81-8300
WA320 SA6D102E 6736-81-8030
WAA320 6736-81-8190
WA380 SAA6D114E 6742-01-3110
WA380 max SAA6D114E 6743-82-8220
WA380 6138-82-8201
WA380 6138-81-8101
WA380-6 SAA6D107E-1 6754-81-8180
WA420-3 SAA6D102E-3 6742-01-5000
WA430-6 SAA6D114E-3 6743-82-8220
WA470-3 SAA6D125E-5 6152-82-8210
WA470-6 SAA6D125E-5 6506-21-5010
WA480-6 SAA6D125E-5 6156-81-8170
WA500-6 SAA6D140E-5 6505-11-6474
WA600-6 SAA6D170E-5 6505-52-5510
WA700-3 SAA6D170E 6240-81-8500
D355A-3 SA6D155-4A 6502-12-9005
D155-3 SA6D140E-2A 6505-52-5410
D275AX-5 SAA6D140E-5 6505-11-6210
D375A-6 SAA6D170E-5-A 6162-84-8201
D375 6505-52-5540
D155 6505-65-5140
D355 6502-12-9005

GASKET REF. VH241791430A
WASHER REF. VH965916105A
WASHER REF. VH965412100A
GASKET REF. VH241351121A
WASHER REF. 965908120A
GASKET REF. VH171712310A
GASKET REF. VH11118E0010
GASKET REF. VH112131880A
WASHER REF. VH965914104A
GASKET REF. VH171041990A
SELLO REF. VH985160110A
GASKET REF. VH241091850A
GASKET REF. VH241091650A
GASKET REF. VH171712200A
SELLO REF. VH900115214A


 SHANTE SONGZHENG Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. has been a base in the optimization of engineering vehicles since 2000. We specialize in the production and supply of excavator, bulldozer and wheel loader components. Our detailed catalogue offers a complete selection of OEM parts including the idler, bushing, sprocket, track roller, carrier roller, track chain, track shoe, hinge pin, tension device, excavator Bucket, etc. Also available are various electric and hydraulic parts. The performance of a machine is only as good as the sum of its parts. SHANTE SONGZHENG Construction Machinery has been a bastion in the optimization of engineering vehicles since 2000. As the designated OEM partner for both KOMATSU and SHANTUI, we specialize in the production and supply of both excavator and bulldozer components for these two brands. Our detailed catalogue offers a complete selection of OEM parts including the idler, bushing, sprocket, track roller, carrier roller, track chain, track shoe, hinge pin, tension device, excavator bucket, etc. Also available are various electric and hydraulic parts. Our pure filter elements are applicable for Komatsu excavator models including the PC60-7, PC130-7, PC200/220-6-7, PC300-6-7-8, and PC400-6-7. Our headquarters can be found within the KOMATSU excavator manufacturing base of Jining city, Shandong province. Trusted suppliers allow us to provide quality products at highly competitive prices. Company growth and expansion can be attributed to the combined effort of our collective staff. Under the guidance of optimized management, we are gradually emerging as a mature enterprise with an outstanding capacity for design and production. Effective market analysis allows us to manufacture products in accordance with fluctuating demands. As a people-oriented enterprise we prioritize the cultivation of industry talent. After more than a decade of development, we now have 35 sales associates, 10 after-sales representatives, and a large-scale warehouse that spans more than 3,000 square meters. This mega storage facility contains nearly 10,000 types of products, valued at over 10 million RMB. Quality components and sincere services are just our way of showing appreciation for the ongoing trust and support of our valued clientele. We have established long-term business relations with over a thousand customers from around the world. Our products are now available in more than 50 countries and regions including South America, South-East Asia, Europe, Africa, Oceania, etc.

Company Info

  • Product/Service: Komatsu genuine parts , Komatsu excavator parts , Komatsu dozer parts , Komatsu loader parts , Komatsu engine parts , Komatsu hydraulic parts
  • Contact Person: Mr. Frankxu
  • Tel: 86-537-3281290
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